Nine Inch Nails 'ADD VIOLENCE' (EP stream)

Nine Inch Nails 'ADD VIOLENCE' (EP stream)
Nine Inch Nails are in the midst of rolling out a "trilogy of related EPs," and in following last year's Not the Actual Events, the band's ADD VIOLENCE is now available for you to hear right now.

The five-track EP arrives digitally today, with a "physical component" shipping on August 7. A CD version of the EP will arrive on September 1, while a vinyl release will arrive after that.

ADD VIOLENCE has been said to expand on sonic palette of its predecessor, "incorporating elements of beauty into the dark dissonance." That much was true with previously released singles "Less Than" and "This Isn't the Place."

Band leader Trent Reznor has been mum about when listeners can expect the third and final EP, though he's said that each one was intended for release "about 6-8 months apart" from one another.

Take in all of ADD VIOLENCE below.