Nikola Sarcevic Roll Roll And Flee

Renowned as the singer for Euro punk rockers Millencolin, vocalist Nikola Sarcevic branches out with his sophomore solo effort, a collection of singer/songwriter pieces that range from ballads to straightforward pop music. Utilising acoustic guitar and mid-tempo pacing, the variety of tunes that make up Roll Roll And Flee are decidedly more emotive and soulful than what he is recognised for and complements his high, nasal voice quite well. Not exactly what one would expect from the man responsible for something as gritty as, say, Home Sweet Home, this effort is dynamic and full of range. Occasionally the songs tend to dip a touch too far into open mic night/folkie territory but overall, Roll Roll And Flee finds Sarcevic widening his musical borders and becoming a stronger writer and performer. (Freedumb)