Nightmares on Wax Return with New Album for Warp Records

Nightmares on Wax Return with New Album for Warp Records
Nightmares on Wax has been a staple of the Warp Records roster for over a decade now, and the DJ also known as George Evelyn will be sticking with his longtime label for a new album this year. Feelin' Good will arrive through Warp on September 17.

The album reportedly draws on Evelyn's many stylistic shifts over the years, with influences including funk, Latin, Tibetan chanting, reggae and soul. He is joined by guests who contribute vocals and various instruments, including strings and orchestrations. The sound is, according to a press release, "bubbly, warm and lively."

"I come from the city but sunshine is in my music," the British-born/Ibiza-based DJ said in a statement. "It was always a natural dream to make music in the sun like I do now. Not to take away from any of my previous music but Feelin' Good is what I've always been trying to do. For instance, on 'Give Thx' I wanted the message to be a universal thank you for everything. I wanted to get it across in a way that was happy but wasn't preachy, wasn't cheesy. I had to manifest it, to genuinely mean it with energy. That's how I went through the process of making the whole album, really feeling it."

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear the buoyant, sunshine-soaked "Now Is the Time."

Feelin' Good:

1. So Here We Are
2. Be, I Do
3. Master Plan
4. Luna 2 (ft. Wolfgang Haffner)
5. Now Is the Time
6. Give Thx
7. Eye (Can't See)
8. Tapestry
9. There 4u
10. Om Sweet H(Om)e