Nicolas Jaar Scoring French Film 'Dheepan'

Nicolas Jaar Scoring French Film 'Dheepan'
Back in March, Nicolas Jaar announced that his previously promised score for The Returned wouldn't be happening after all. Now, the beloved electronic producer has signed up for a new scoring project, this time for the upcoming drama Dheepan.

This is a French flick directed by Jacques Audiard. It's about a Tamil soldier, a woman and a young girl who pose as a family and escape the Sri Lankan civil war, eventually living in a housing project near Paris.

The film will debut this month at the Cannes Film Festival. It's official French release date is listed as August 26. There's no word as to when it will be released in North America, or if Jaar's music will be issued as a soundtrack album.

This is Jaar's first film score, although he did recently compose an alternative soundtrack for the 1969 film The Color of Pomegranates.

Thanks to Film Music Reporter for the tip.