Nico Yaryan Signs with Last Gang for Debut LP 'What a Tease'

Nico Yaryan Signs with Last Gang for Debut LP 'What a Tease'
Los Angeles-based artist Nico Yaryan might not be a household name just yet, but he's hoping to change that with the arrival of his debut LP. Titled What a Tease, the album is due out on February 26 through Last Gang.

UPDATE (4/14, 11:30 a.m.): The album will now be arriving on June 3.

Yaryan was raised by hippie parents in Northern California, but really discovered his love of music through drums and MIDI samplers, "digging through dollar-record bins and dreaming of producing hip-hop beats" like J Dilla and DJ Premier. And although he took some time to live the young adult lifestyle of drinking, skateboarding and working retail, music became a viable career path after teaming up with Hanni El Khatib as his touring drummer.

Now, Yaryan is ready to unveil his debut album, which was written in the midst of a crumbling transcontinental relationship with a girl in Amsterdam. According to a press release, the record asks the questions, "How far would you go to be with the one you love? And what would be enough to tear you apart?"

"Old Gloria" serves as the album opener, and kicks off Yaryan's sonic exploration of those difficult emotional questions. He describes it as "a sympathetic story about a dreamer who lost her way." You can scroll past the forthcoming full-length's tracklisting to give it a listen.

What a Tease:

1. Old Gloria
2. You Belong To Me 
3. Just Tell Me 
4. Dreamers 
5. The Magic
6. Infinity
7. What A Tease 
8. Nobody Tells My Baby
9. Witch Love
10. Your Love Never Lets Me Down
11. I'll Stay With You When You Die