Nicki Minaj Reveals Pink Friday Cover

Nicki Minaj Reveals <i>Pink Friday</i> Cover
We've known for a while when outrageous MC Nicki Minaj would drop her Pink Friday debut, and we've even been privy to one wild-ass single. But it wasn't until today (October 15) that we could put a picture to the platter, and oh boy, it looks insane. Could you have expected anything less?

Revealing the album cover via her Twitter account earlier this morning, the Young Money princess sits stoically in a magenta room, staring glassy-eyed into the camera like an inanimate Barbie doll, and a broken one at that. Like, seriously, where the hell are her arms? Between her shocking pink headpiece and extravagant chiffon peacock plume of a dress, our eyes are already over stimulated, but isn't she going to need those limbs to rock the mic?

Clearly other fans have noticed, leading the rhymer to address the situation. Long story short: arms are for suckers.

"Had them rip my arms out the socket. Detachable arms cuz arms r for common folk," Minaj tweeted.

And that's not the only weird thing about the cover. Is it just us, or did they Photoshop those legs? Do they really go all the way up? If she were standing upright she'd be taller than Houston Rockets centre Yao Ming. And that's not even including those 50-inch pumps she's sporting.

All in all, it just goes to show that Minaj's record is going to be larger than life. Get incredibly stoked, everybody.

Pink Friday drops November 22, which is a Monday, but we'll let it slide.