Nicki Minaj Confirmed as 'American Idol' Judge

Nicki Minaj Confirmed as 'American Idol' Judge
Though it's been rumoured since last month, we were pretty skeptical that Young Money queen Nicki Minaj would actually sign on as a new judge on American Idol. Now, however, Fox has confirmed that that's just the case.

A press release confirms that Minaj will join Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson as one of the show's judges, filling the hole left by the departure of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

The new season started filming in New York over the weekend, with the show expected to return to Fox this coming January.

While the addition of Nicki Minaj is probably not enough to get us to watch American Idol, we could be convinced if she started delivering her lines in that crazy, schizophrenic monster voice that she does.

A photo of all the new judges hanging out with Ryan Seacrest and other crew members is available above via Seacrest's Instagram.