Nickelback Shut Down PEI Police's Drunk Driving Joke

Nickelback Shut Down PEI Police's Drunk Driving Joke
Earlier this week, some PEI police caught the internet's attention when they threatened to make drunk drivers listen to a cassette of Nickelback's Silver Side Up while under arrest. While thousands had a hearty guffaw at the expense of Hanna, AB's finest rock export, Chad Kroeger and the boys were apparently not laughing.

The initial Facebook post from the police department has since been removed from their page. According to TMZ, that's because the 'back had their reps reach out to the police and had the message removed.

The cops reportedly claimed that Nickelback's reps were polite, but they simply didn't want Canada's finest butt-rock band to be the butt of the joke.

Const. Robb Hartlen, who wrote the post, recently spoke to the CBC, saying, "What we were trying to do is put a little humour into a very serious matter of drinking and driving. What it does is it sparks that conversation, it pushes that idea that everybody knows with a little bit of humour."

Of course, it was hardly an effective ad campaign. After all, to some of us the thought of getting blasted and barrelling down the highway while listening to Nickelback via the vintage warbles of a cassette tape is a perfect evening.