Nicholas Krgovich, Joseph Shabason and Chris Harris Team Up for New Album

Hear "Friday Afternoon" from their upcoming 'Philadelphia'
Nicholas Krgovich, Joseph Shabason and Chris Harris Team Up for New Album
Nicholas Krgovich, Joseph Shabason and Chris Harris have come together for a new collaborative album. The three will release Philadelphia under the name Shabason, Krgovich & Harris on September 18 through Idée Fixe Records.

The trio — who came together through a shared love of Japanese new age music — recorded Philadelphia's eight tracks over three days in Toronto late last year.

"Somewhere back in 2018 we started to pass demos back and forth over email and we quickly got about eight song sketches together," Shabason explains in a press release. "Then in fall of 2019 we all realized that if we didn't get into the same room together we were never gonna finish this album."

The album's soft textures, applied to both synthesizers live instrumentation, work to create "a space of sonic refuge" for Krgovich's lyrics, written under the self-imposed philosophy of "first thought, best thought." Album cut "Friday Afternoon" arrives alongside today's announcement, and can be heard alongside a music video below.

Philadelphia's title track is in fact a cover of Neil Young's theme from the 1993 movie of the same name. As Shabason explains, "I asked if it would be crazy for us to cover it, to which Nick replied that he used to all the time with another band... and Chris was very much on board as well.

"A few weeks later Nick told us that he'd been calling the record Philadelphia and the rest of us agreed that it seemed like the right call. It's the city of brotherly love, and this album was three grown men in a room together making something over which we literally had zero disagreements or conflicts. It was truly a first for all of us in terms of making an album that was a group effort, so calling it Philadelphia made sense."


1. Osouji
2. Sun In The Kitchen
3. I Don't See The Moon
4. Friday Afternoon
5. Waltz
6. Tuesday Afternoon
7. Philadelphia
8. Open Beauty

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