Nice Nice Sign to Warp, Promise Extra Wow on New LP

Nice Nice Sign to Warp, Promise <i>Extra Wow</i> on New LP
Portland duo Nice Nice have been playing their brand of hard-to-categorize post-punk for nearly a decade. And while they've built a solid fan-base with that slow-building career, they'll be reaching a whole new audience when their upcoming LP is released by Warp Records.

Titled Extra Wow, the album is expected from Warp this spring on April 6. As a press release explains, "Extra Wow is an extremely apt title for an album that presents itself as a constantly unfolding collection of kaleidoscopic musical sediments. Each song effectively builds on the one before it to create the effect of an album-length crescendo that encompasses everything from forward-reaching psychedelia and neo-primitive electronic experiments to dub rhythms and learned lessons from the pillars of krautrock."

Lead single "One Hit" is available now on a limited seven-inch from Warp. The song "See Waves" can also be streamed or downloaded here, and a music video for the song "Everything Falling Apart" can be streamed below. That's almost a quarter of the album, already available for your consumption!

Extra Wow:

1. "Set and Setting"
2. "One Hit"
3. "A Way We Glow"
4. "On and On"
5. "Everything Falling Apart"
6. "Big Bounce"
7. "See Waves"
8. "A Vibration"
9. "A Little Love"
10. "Double Head"
11. "Make It Gold"
12. "New Cascade"
13. "It's Here"