NHL Enlists Snoop Dogg for Stanley Cup Playoff Video Series

NHL Enlists Snoop Dogg for Stanley Cup Playoff Video Series
Though Snoop Dogg once proclaimed that The Game Is To Be Sold, Not to Be Told, the National Hockey League is hoping the rap icon can do a bit of both when it comes to the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs.

The league has enlisted the Doggfather to help casual fans better understand and enjoy hockey as the playoffs kick off tonight, breaking down the sport's rules and culture for those tuning in with a series of videos titled "Snoop 101."

"One of the things we noticed when Snoop came to our All-Star game a couple years ago in Los Angeles was not only is he Snoop and everybody loves him, but he really loves hockey," NHL executive vice president Steve Mayer told Deadline

In case Snoop's ever-rotating collection of jerseys wasn't enough, he's been hanging around with the players and personnel for years. Of course, this move comes after the NHL chose to have Kid Rock play their All-Star festivities earlier this year, a choice that was criticized by hockey and music fans alike.

Mayer noted that "sometimes it takes music, it takes celebrity, it takes something from the outside to bring 'em in, and we thought there was no better time to bring in the casual fan than right before the Stanley Cup Playoffs."

In addition to videos explaining the rules, one clip will focus on hockey slang. As Mayer put it, "the words that are unique to the NHL and the sport that only when Snoop says it in his own way make it entertaining and educational. … We're very excited and we're very interested to hear the feedback once they start coming out."

The first slate of Stanley Cup Playoff games beginning tonight will see the Minnesota Wild play the Winnipeg Jets, the Pittsburgh Penguins facing off against the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Los Angeles Kings battling the Vegas Golden Knights. 

Watch a trailer for the league's "Snoop 101" videos below.