News Round Up!

News Round Up!
Here's your weekly news round up.

Lost bizarre Brian Wilson rap song from 1989 found, Radiohead explain why they left EMI, Super Furry Animals give away Xmas single, Bauhaus break up for the second time, and both Camel (cigarettes) and Greyhound (buses) unlawfully use indie artists to advertise.

Despite Joe Camel’s undeniable cool, Camel brand cigarettes is currently in hot water for doing something very uncool: using indie rock to try and sell cancer sticks. In the November issue of Rolling Stone, Camel paid for a nine-page advertorial insert called "Indie Rock Universe,” which was designed to appeal to fans of what the tobacco firm calls "free range music” (aka independent rock). Laid out like some high school geek’s notebook, the scribbled pages categorise the expansive galaxy that is "indie rock," illustrating "an alternate universe where everyone wears black Converse.” Click here to get the full story.

Much like Camel's indie rock bamboozling ad in Rolling Stone, Greyhound Bus Line has done a similar thing in the recent issue of XLR8R. A four-postcard insert appears in the mag featuring images from shows of acts such as WZT Hearts, Ruins, Team Robespierre and Dan Deacon shot in the cities of Brooklyn and Philadelphia. That's fine and all, but once again the ad was booked and printed without any of the artists' permission. As expected, nobody was too pleased about the infringement, especially Deacon, who vented on his MySpace page about his ironic hatred for the company. To read Deacon's rant, click here.

Goth legends Bauhaus have announced that they will break up after the release of their fifth and final album. Going Away White (get it?) will hit shops on March 4, 2008, marking the second time the band have broken up. Click here for more details.

In 1989, Brian Wilson recorded an album called Sweet Insanity during a peroid where the Beach Boys star was reportedly "troubled." Rejected by Sire, the album, which also features Weird Al Yankovic and Bob Dylan, has seen life through bootlegs over the years, but now a precious gem called "Smart Girls," featuring a mash-up of Beach Boys classics, has surfaced through Jersey City, NJ-based radio station WFMU. Click here to read the rest of the article and hear the lost "classic."

Radiohead have revealed why they chose to leave EMI after the fulfillment of their contract with 2003's Hail to the Chief. Speaking to Observer Monthly Magazine, guitarist Ed O'Brien admitted it was more a matter of shifting personnel in the company than any sort of statement on the band's behalf. Click here to read the full article.

Getting into the festive spirit, the Super Furry Animals have entered the oft-cheesy realm of the Christmas single with "The Gift That Keeps Giving," from this year's Hey Venus!. The song will be released on December 25 with a new b-side and as a free download with new artwork courtesy of Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami, who also created the cover art for their latest album. In the meantime, click here to check out the video.