New Zealand Dog Song Looking To Rule Global Music Charts

New Zealand Dog Song Looking To Rule Global Music Charts
Not only do dogs make us pick up steaming piles of crap, but now they’re dominating our record charts. Well, at least they will be if the doggy nation and its masters are anything like those in New Zealand.

Last December, a song audible only to dogs topped the New Zealand charts and is now looking to go global — and no, shockingly it’s not "Doggie Bounce” by the Crazy Dogggz. According to Bob Kerridge, chief executive of the SPCA, "A Very Silent Night,” a track recorded at a frequency only K-9s can hear, will soon hit North American and Australian shores.

While Kerridge said he did not know what dogs actually heard when they listened to the charity CD, which contains an instrumental and a vocal version of the song, he did say reaction has been mixed.

"The most violent one was a dog that physically attacked the radio when it was played and went quite berserk and totally destroyed it,” Kerridge told Reuters. "On the other side of the scale, they just lie down and did nothing.” Reaction to song from Exclaim! office pooch, Puddles? Urination. But hey, he ain’t called Puddles for nothing.

You can give your doggie a taste of "A Very Silent Night” here on this YouTube promo. However, you humans won’t be able to hear anything, but we are guessing it sounds a little something like this: The North American release date has yet to be confirmed.

"A Very Silent Night”

The Crazy Dogggz "Doggie Bounce”