New Young Pony Club EP

Part of the NME-branded "new rave” phenomenon gaining momentum in the UK, London’s New Young Pony Club are far from anything normally associated with raving, other than the fact that they too are looking to the dance floor. Still, indie clubs have found new leases on life thanks to inspired new bands like NYPC and it’s hard to argue that the tracks put forth on this EP aren’t some of the best tunes you’ll hear during a night out dancing. Assuming a stance that’s essentially traced from the same stencil as the DFA gang’s disco-infused electro rock, NYPC don’t exactly sound like a band reaching for the sky with ambition. Largely due to singer Tahita Bulmer’s apathetic chanting, and a rhythmic pacing that moves at its own leisure, it’s almost cut from the same cloth as the posturing hipsters that will only dance to this while it’s strictly not available on a full-length CD. "Ice Cream” boasts that it’ll give us what we want and hell, it does the job, much like "Get Dancey,” which presents even more sluggish charms over top of a head-nodding beat that will bring out the inner pretentious clubber in you. Lining up three remixes against three originals feels a little too much like a precursor for the full-length instead of a standalone release but Van She’s reworking of "Ice Cream” is everything the new rave fad is looking for in a vibrant anthem, thus validating at least one of the remixes. (Modular/Fontana North)