New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album Expected in Early 2009

New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album Expected in Early 2009
Yeah Yeah Yeahs have shared some of their "best news” ever and confirmed they have nearly finished their third album. Via the New York trio’s MySpace blog, the band explained that they have been working away in the studio on their latest effort and plan to release the record early in 2009. Yeah Yeah Yeahs also told fans to expect a "very different" album from the group, saying the follow-up to 2006’s Show Your Bones will not sound anything like their previous work.

And while no title for the new record has been announced, nor is there a firm release date or tracklisting, here is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ announcement in full, which they have titled "Best News”:

There is no beating the bit of news sweeping the nation at the moment but YYYs have a bit of news of our own to share. NEW RECORD? NEW RECORD!! NEW RECORD IS GETTING CLOSER TO BEING DONE DONE DONE! You still won't be hearing it until 2009 but damn are we close to finishing it and only after a year of writing and recording!

Will it sound kind of like
Show Your Bones? No, been there done that. What about Is Is? Is that more of the direction it's going in? Absolutely not, it sounds VERY different from last year's EP. Did we go back to our roots and write something closer to Fever to Tell? No looking back now silly, just full speed ahead.

WHAT DOES IT SOUND LIKE?? Not much like anything you've heard from us before. DOES IT SOUND LIKE THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS??? YOU BET YOU'RE SWEET ASS IT DOES. Phew, can't wait. We can hardly wait ourselves, we miss all of you and we've been working extra hard on this one with the intention to make you as happy as possible.

Just wanted to drop a line to let you in on how quickly we're approaching the finishing line and to GET PSYYYYYYYYYYYYCHED.

The YYYs

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