God Bless Science! Here's the Music Your Cat Likes

God Bless Science! Here's the Music Your Cat Likes
A new study has revealed that cats can be music fans — they just probably won't like the same music as you.
Two psychologists and a composer from the University of Wisconsin teamed up to test the musical tastes of cats, and the results have been published in a new study for Applied Animal Behaviour Science. They found that while cats may have an aversion to music made by humans for humans, our feline friends are able to appreciate tunes tailored to cats.
Gabriel Fauré's Elegie and Bach's Air on a G String spurred no reactions from the 47 domestic cats that were part of the experiment, but when music containing kitty-friendly sounds in tempos similar to those of purring, suckling and wailing, the test subjects rubbed their faces against the speakers.
If you want to hear the sounds that will keep your kitten happy, you can listen to samples of "kitty ditties," "cat ballads" and "feline airs" over here.
Unfortunately, there have yet to be any scientific findings on the healing properties of Meow the Jewels.