The New Royales "Minutes of Moog" (ft. Jay Electronica)

The New Royales 'Minutes of Moog' (ft. Jay Electronica)
There's still yet to be an official due date drafted up for Jay Electronica's Roc Nation debut Act II: Patent of Nobility, but the rapper has surfaced on a new track from the New Royales called "Minutes of Moog."

The New Royales' bedrock of DJ Khalil, Liz Rodrigues, Chin Injeti and Erik Alcock work together to offer up a sci-fi soundscape of electronic blips, hummed vocals and a cracking boom bap. As for Electronica, his guest spot is dense and multi-layered, sounding off on a gal that's got guys hangin' like salmon off the fish line, weighing in on the state of rap, and working wordplay around YouTube and MySpace references.