New Order Offshoot Freebass Outline Their Debut Album Plans

New Order Offshoot Freebass Outline Their Debut Album Plans
While New Order may have officially crashed and burned, Peter Hook isn't letting that get in the way of his new supergroup, Freebass. The punnily named group are comprised of three bassists: Hook, former Stone Roses and current Primal Scream bassist Gary "Mani" Mounfield, and former Smiths bassist Andy Rourke.

Lately, Hook has been updating the hell out of Freebass's MySpace page, posting updates and sample tracks from the group's upcoming record. Apparently, they've collaborated with everyone from the Stone Roses' Ian Brown to Liam Gallagher and Billy Corgan, but those vocalists' exact involvement with the album remains unknown.

There is no title or release date given but Hook has posted a working tracklisting for Freebass' debut record.

Perhaps the sudden wealth of information comes to counter the progress of the other New Order offshoot, Bad Lieutenant, whose debut, Never Cry Another Tear, is due in October. Hook even went as far as dissing the band on the blog, pointing out that Freebass's engineer also worked with the band. "He has recovered now tho..." the blog states.

A number of tracks are streaming at the Freebass MySpace here.

The working tracklist for Freebass's debut:

1. "Not Too Late..."
2. "Secrets and Lies"
3. "The Only Ones Alone"
4. "Lady Violence"
5. "The World Won't Wait"
6. "Kill Switch Pt. 141"
7. "Stalingrad" (vocals by Hooky)
8. "Plan B"
9. "The God Machine"
10. "Sister Surrender"
11. "Bury Me Standing"
12. "I'm a Believer"
13. "You Don't Know This About Me" (featuring Tim Burgess)
14. "The Milky Way Is Our Playground" (featuring Pete Wylie)
15. "Dark Starr" (featuring Howard Marks)
16. "Live Tomorrow You Go Down"