New "Kind of Fun" No Age Album May Be out by Summer, Randy Randall Says

New 'Kind of Fun' No Age Album May Be out by Summer, Randy Randall Says
Since releasing their Sub Pop debut, Nouns, in 2008, No Age have done almost everything except release a proper follow-up. From a vegan skate shoe to the excellent Losing Feeling EP, the fuzzy punk duo have kept busy doing anything but another full-length. However, they're now buckling down to make sure No Age fans get a new album this year.

According to guitarist Randy Randall, the as-yet-untitled new album is far along in the recording process. Speaking with Pitchfork, he said the album is "60 to 75 percent done."

"I think we have a couple more days in the studio," he added. "It's pretty far along. We haven't got to the mixing part yet, and we haven't started doing vocals yet."

The songs for the album have been written over the course of the last year, with the duo teaming up to work on new material amidst their hectic touring schedule. As a result, two of the songs have already been played live a number of times. One of them is definitely called "Fever Dreaming", and the other has the working title "New Two." At some shows, "New Two" is also called "Fuck Prop 8 in the Face."

As for a release date, Randall says he's not too sure, but the album's sound would fit nicely in the sunnier months. "We would love to have it out sometime this summer," he explains. "There's record label scheduling and stuff, but the tone of the record is kind of fun, with a more pop element to it. The EP might have been darker, but the songs coming together for the LP are definitely a brighter, more poppy version of us - but still noisy and in the No Age vein."