New Daft Punk Track Exposed As Hoax

New Daft Punk Track Exposed As Hoax
Robophiles everywhere let out a collective sigh of grief this week when a track posing as new Daft Punk material was exposed as a hoax.

It all started last week on Valentine’s Day when a song named "Love” was posted onto various blogs’ comment sections with an address claiming to be registered at Daft Punk website. The post was also signed with the initials "TB,” as in Thomas Bangalter, the silver, slit-visioned half of the robotic duo. Soon sun-deprived bloggers everywhere took this to be a sign of a new addition to their slim Daft Punk catalog and the online rumour mill was up and running up full steam ahead.

Well, an email from the site Trash Managerie to Pedro Winter, aka. Ed Banger boss and Daft Punk manager Busy P., soon cleared up the whole mess. "It’s of course not a new track from daft punk,” Winter replied. "It sounds really cheap…”

Instead of just ending the story there, however, "Love” was traced back to an English producer named Louis La Roche, who eager bloggers soon believed to be the alter ego of Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, Erol Alkan or Paul Epworth — really anyone cooler than them. But after some detective work from NME’s bratty younger brother, Drowned in Sound, La Roche was revealed to be nothing more than just some punk, a 17-year-old kid from Lowestoft, England named Brett Ewels.

On Ewels’s newly erected Louis La Roche MySpace, the hoaxer denies the original posting of "Love” (admit it dude — ed.), but confirms it is indeed him behind the track, which has now been listened to over 2,000 times on his profile. He’s even now doing interviews about the song and posting them, to which everyone’s best friend Tom says, "Now you’re just grandstanding.”

So there you have it: lonely kid on Valentine’s Day desperate for attention makes a mess out of the lamely dubbed "blogosphere” and a monkey out of a bunch of people. And all you really have in the end is this twisted tale and your old, scuffed-up copy of Discovery. Well, you could also listen to this kick-ass cover of "Digital Love” by Miracle Fortress.