New Coldplay out "Hopefully This Christmas," Chris Martin Says

New Coldplay out 'Hopefully This Christmas,' Chris Martin Says
Between them getting sued over and over again, donating half a mil to charity and chilling with The Simpsons, it's easy to forget that your mum's favourite British arena-rockers Coldplay used to just be musicians who recorded music. Well, it looks as if the band are back to visiting their roots again.

Lead Coldplayer Chris Martin has revealed that the group are working on their fifth studio album and follow-up to the world-conquering Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. Though no title, tracks or other details have been announced, Gigwise reports that the band told Brazilian television show Fantastico that the album will be out "hopefully this Christmas."

Martin stressed the security surrounding their recorded tracks, claiming that leaking of this album won't be an issue. "There are only two people in the whole building who know how to open all the recording files. Even we don't know how to do it. We couldn't even steal our own music. You would have to be a computer genius and a great burglar to get into the building, and download it, and mix it."

Martin also confirmed that Coldplay won't be leaving EMI, who apparently still have the group committed to a number of albums. Given the label's current financial issues, we're thinking EMI is hoping the album will come out by Christmas, too.