New Brunswick's Wolf Castle Teams Up with Raphael de la Rez for New Single "Gunna"

The Pabineau First Nation rapper will release his new EP 'Da Vinci's Inquest' through Forward Music this summer

Photo: Christopher Grant

BY Allie GregoryPublished Mar 12, 2021

After earning his two East Coast Music Awards nominations for last year's Gold Rush EP, New Brunswick-based Pabineau First Nation rapper Wolf Castle — a.k.a. Tristan Grant — is all set to follow up the EP with a new collection of tracks called Da Vinci's Inquest.

The EP will arrive sometime this summer through Halifax's Forward Music, but today, we're getting the first taste with a new single titled "Gunna." The song, which features Raphael de la Rez — Grant's uncle who introduced him to the world of rap in the early 2000s — arrives as one chapter of Wolf Castle's epilogue to a four-part series of EPs.

In addition to Gold Rush and Grant's forthcoming release, the conceptual four-part collection also included 2019's Next Life EP and the Dark Side EP. The entire series comprises a larger body of work that Grant has dubbed the Da Vinci Chronicles, a collection of fictionalized tales that would unexpectedly prophesize the artist's lived reality.

"The idea came to me in late 2018 when I lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia," Grant explained of the Chronicles in a statement. "I went there to study music business in college, but after that, I fell in love with a girl from my hometown, so I packed up and went home for her."

He continued: "When I arrived, I crashed at my mom's house on the reserve for a year and the girl I fell in love with had to go long-distance with me since she was finishing school. My brother was suffering from drug addiction and mental health issues and returned home as well to reset himself and get clean, so the winter was rough – then the pandemic hit."

"Gunna" marks the first collaboration between Raphael de la Rez and Wolf Castle in three years. You can listen to it in the visualizer down below.

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