New Black New Black

When a new act on the block is introduced as "If the B-52’s were to have a weekend of wild sex with Q and Not U,” it’s hard not to get excited. Of course, bands never sound exactly like the comparisons say, so New Black are not B-5Q Not U. Instead, they are a solid rock band fixed on fashionably cathartic aggression and spastic jitterbug rhythms. Recorded in Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio with Greg Norman (Guided By Voices, Zwan, Neurosis), as well as his own Studio Greg Studios II, New Black is a hip record that taps into all of the right influences to find a comfortable niche in today’s hip post-punk scene. Thankfully they don’t sound much like bands making headlines, so New Black are free to mess around with their own sound. However, their songs are bland and not as challenging as one would hope. If they weren’t interested in complicating matters, like say the Liars, they should have aimed for some more hooks to liven up the tracks. There is potential shown on this debut album, but they need to focus more on either becoming a band that is known for catchy songs to dance to or convoluted song structures, because where they are right now is a little too grey. (Thick)