New Age Figure Jordan De La Sierra Treated to Reissue by Numero Group

New Age Figure Jordan De La Sierra Treated to Reissue by Numero Group
The good people of Numero Group are once again bringing long-forgotten tunes to the forefront, this time delivering a restored version of Terry Riley protégé Jordan De La Sierra's experimental 1977 LP, Gymnosphere.

A press release explains that the double LP/double CD has now been redubbed Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose, and it arrives December 2 in its originally intended form. The record had initially dropped in the late '70s via California imprint Unity Records as a 120-minute record of piano improvisations. The results made for a four-song "sonic exploration" mixing classical and new age elements leaning heavy on the reverb. After tanking, the record was trimmed down to a single LP on later pressings that likewise axed a 20-page booklet designed by De La Sierra.

The album had been in discussions to be re-released on cassette and CD over the years, but Numero's upcoming repress is the first time the album has appeared as originally presented in 37 years. It's part of what De La Sierra referred to as "Music for Gymnastics," and he thought it best heard at night, "at the nexus in the diurnal-nocturnal cycle that the harmonics present."

Down below, you'll find the tracklisting and a stream of the set's trance-inducing "Temple of Aesthetic Action," via Self-Titled.

Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose:

LP 1:

1. Music For Gynmastics
2. Temple of Aesthetic Action

LP 2:

1. Music For Devotional Past
2. Sphere of Sublime Dances