Neverending White Lights and Dallas Green Treat "The Grace" to 10th Anniversary Reissue

Neverending White Lights and Dallas Green Treat 'The Grace' to 10th Anniversary Reissue
Windsor, ON-based musician Daniel Victor's Neverending White Lights project found success when he teamed up with City and Colour's Dallas Green for "The Grace" back in 2005. It's hard to believe it's already been 10 years since the track was released, but the folks at Dine Alone are set to celebrate the anniversary with a new reissue.
The upcoming release features a remastered version of "The Grace," courtesy of Joe Lambert, as well as a previously unreleased B-side titled "My Fate." The second track also features Green on vocals and has only existed in the realm of rumours — until now.

"I asked Dallas to sing a new song I had written called 'My Fate' which has until now has remained unreleased," Victor explained in a statement. "The honesty and beauty that came out of his voice left me speechless. His unique way of singing seemed to take the melodies to new heights." 

"Days later, after spending time listening to 'My Fate', I decided I wanted to write something even more suited to his vocal range — something more emotionally intense," he said, explaining his decision to abandon "My Fate" in favour of "The Grace." "Now that I understood his talent, I knew I could deliver something stronger to suite his voice and capture the vision in my head for his style… We met up in St. Catharine's in a cramped and sweltering studio to work on the new song. Dallas had never heard it, but as we went over the melody it immediately clicked."

Exclaim! has got your first listen to the uncovered demo version of "My Fate," which delivers another winning combination of acoustic strums, swelling string arrangements and Green's haunting vocals.
The EP officially arrives digitally on Friday (November 20) via Dine Alone, at which time a pre-order for the 10-inch vinyl version will begin. The first 200 copies will be signed by Victor, and you can try to snag one here.

Give the demo version of "My Fate" an early listen in the player below, and keep scrolling to check out a trailer for the release, which features studio footage of the recording and promotional process behind the single.