Never Heard Of It 11 Days

Any band with the ability to sell 55,000 CDs without label support must have something going for them. NHOI, a very pop punk band with a very hardcore punk work ethic, would be as equally suited playing on a bill with Hillary Duff as they would be with Rancid. In the same way that bands like New Found Glory appeal to the preppies, the cool kids, and the skaters, NHOI channel their insanely poppy melodies through a punk energy that results in an accessible record that’s undeniably listenable no matter what side of the clique you found yourself on the first day of grade nine. While at times a little too sickly sweet and similar-sounding, the songs on 11 Days are as good as any being pimped by major labels today. The band’s most admirable achievement, however, remains their selection of sponsors. While it seems like almost every band to emerge from the pop punk melting pot has a plethora of clothing sponsorships, what other group can boast the support of Subway? (Unmotivated)