Nevea Tears Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You

Don’t let the wretchedly emo album title fool you — this album does not suck. It is, in fact, quite good. Opener "Who Would Be Tom Selleck?” kicks off like a Blood Brothers B-side with a blast of high-pitched screaming and relentless drums, before the keyboards and melody squeeze in, shattering 53 seconds worth of preconceived notions. Not a simple record in the least, Do I… is awash with strange sonic textures, often jumping from dance-y techno to crushing metalcore in a matter of seconds. Most effective, however, is when the band combines their duelling aural armies, like on the bizarre but mesmerising "Heavy Breathing.” Sometimes, however, it’s the changes that keep things interesting, such as the brutal shift that occurs in "Act1; Scene 1,” after a perfectly danceable electronic song becomes pure Poison the Well material. An interesting study in musical schizophrenia, Do I… overcomes it’s unfortunate title with its stylistic muscle. (Eulogy)