Neurosis to Reissue 'Sovereign' EP

Neurosis to Reissue 'Sovereign' EP
Classic California-based experimental metal unit Neurosis will continue their current reissue campaign with a CD re-release of 2000's Sovereign EP. The record received a limited vinyl repress as part of this year's Record Store Day activities, and the altered edition also follows recent reissues of 1992's Souls at Zero and 1993's Enemy of the Sun.

The original pressing of Sovereign came at the turn of the century and is notable for being the first CD issued on the band's then newly minted Neurot Recordings. The vinyl edition, however, was first delivered by Hydra Head Records. Though the gloomy EP clocks in significantly shorter than the rest if the band's monolithic masterpieces (it lands between 1999's Times of Grace and 2001's equally epic A Sun That Never Sets), a press release describes the set as "a psychotropic experience of the highest order."

Beefing up the CD reissue is an unreleased bonus track, the "inescapably feedback-tormented hymn 'Misgiven,'" and completely redesigned artwork courtesy of Aaron Turner (see the new art above).

The press release explains that there will be even more reissues in the months to come to celebrate the long-running outfit's groundbreaking back catalogue. Might we suggest 1996's Through Silver In Blood next?

Sovereign will be re-released September 12 on Neurot Recordings.


1. "Prayer"

2. "An Offering"

3. "Flood"

4. "Sovereign"

5. "Misgiven"