Neon Indian Launches 'VEGA INTL. Night School' Hotline

Neon Indian Launches 'VEGA INTL. Night School' Hotline
Despite the instant connection social media can provide between artist and fans, a bunch of artists have recently decided to kick it old school and reach their followers on the phone. Shamir recently offered relationship advice with his "Call It Off" hotline, Speedy Ortiz are keeping their shows fun for everyone with a safety hotline and some guy named Drake seems to have a thing for cellphones (and smooth dance moves) too.
Now, Neon Indian has jumped on the hotline bandwagon, launching a hotline in conjunction with the project's recently released album VEGA INTL. Night School.
A new infomercial directs viewers to call 512-643-VEGA to talk about the new album. As promised in the clip, callers will be greeted by one of two "teen hearththrobs" — either the band's frontman Alan Palomo or a dude named Allan DeBarge.
The cheesy, retro video promises a direct connection to Alan or Allan and unlimited use of their personal numbers. In reality, DeBarge will text you a link to watch the band's latest video "Slumlord Rising."
Check out the fun-filled clip below. If you don't feel like going through the work of picking up an actual telephone and dialling the number for yourself, you can just keep scrolling to watch the clip for "Slumlord Rising."

VEGA INTL. Night School is out now on Mom + Pop.