Nels Cline Hints at New Wilco Album, Completes Work on 'Lovers' Solo LP

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jul 10, 2015

Wilco have recently been busy with the band's 20th anniversary celebrations, which included a massive box set, a new documentary and an extensive North American tour. But despite Wilco's retrospective nod to the last two decades, guitarist Nels Cline has still managed to find the time to look ahead.
In a new interview on Vish Khanna's Kreative Kontrol podcast, Cline has revealed that another Wilco album is on the way and work is complete on his next solo record.
While there's not a whole lot to go on yet, Wilco fans can certainly expect the band to try out some new things the next time around.
"There's a lot of stuff in play," Cline said of the as-yet-untitled Wilco album. "Jeff [Tweedy]'s been very prolific so we're just sifting and experimenting. Wilco's always experimenting to some extent. Jeff's a man with great curiosity and doesn't like to do the same things twice if he can help it so we've been trying some different things."
A new record by Cline called Lovers is also expected out in January, and will arrive as a double-album of "orchestrated ballads." It's a concept he's been toying with for 20 years and finally came to fruition with the help of producer David Breskin and orchestrator, conductor, trumpeter and producer Michael Leonhart.
"It's 19 pieces from all walks of life but put together to be thematically related to the idea of love, intimacy, closeness, sexuality — things like that," Cline said in the interview. "It's a mood music record with a current strain of consciousness running through it. There's maybe five or six of my own pieces on it, as well as so-called standards and pieces from movies, musicals."
Among those are pieces originally by Annette Peacock, Sonic Youth, Arto Lindsay and jazz standards by the likes of Henry Mancini and Jerome Kern.
Cline will be playing the Hillside Festival in Guelph, ON, on July 26 with his band the Nels Cline Singers.

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