Neko Case to Fan: "I Will Seriously Pummel Your Fucking Face"

Neko Case to Fan: 'I Will Seriously Pummel Your Fucking Face'
Neko Case is renowned for her powerful vocals and eerie folk noir songwriting, as well as her contributions to the beloved indie pop outfit the New Pornographers. What she's less well-known for, however, is her skill in hand-to-hand combat. Don't be mistaken, however - if you cross her, she will mess you up.

During a recent New Pornographers performance in Boston, a fan threw a CD on stage and hit front-man Carl Newman. This prompted Case, who was standing beside Newman at the time, to launch into a violent tirade against the unknown concertgoer. The singer began, "Who the fuck was that? Seriously, whoever threw that, come up here and I will fucking fight you." She continued, "I will seriously pummel your fucking face. I am a piece of shit white trash and I will fuck you up. Don't pull that shit again."

Neko continued to rant, but finally joked, "I'm passionate. I'm a passionate piece of shit."

Luckily, the whole thing was caught on video. You can watch below. If you're at work, now might be a good time to use your headphones.

Thanks to A.V. Club for the heads-up.