Neil Young Titles New Album Le Noise, Sets September 28 Release Date

Neil Young Titles New Album <i>Le Noise</i>, Sets September 28 Release Date
Over the past few months, reports have been trickling in about Neil Young's upcoming solo album, which is being produced by Daniel Lanois. Now, we finally have some concrete information about the LP; it is called Le Noise and is due out on September 28.

The source of the news is a post on Neil Young's Facebook page. The songwriter wrote:

Le Noise is complete. It is a solo record. Playbacks are happening now. Release date is September 28th. It will be available in Vinyl, CD and Itunes in the first edition, followed by Blu-Ray, and an APP for I-Phone and I-Pad a month or so later. The app will be free. It gives you an interactive album cover. Forgive my use of the word "album." I am old school. When you buy the songs/movies from itunes they show up in your APP. Peace ny

Lanois previously said of the album, "It does not have a band, but it's rocking. And he's really come in with the songs, they're terrific. I dare say it might be some of his best work in some time. We've really hit the motherlode."

Thanks to TwentyFourBit/Speakers in Code for the heads-up.