Neil Young Reveals He's Working on a New Studio Album with Crazy Horse

He also just wrapped his first sci-fi novel 'Canary'
Neil Young Reveals He's Working on a New Studio Album with Crazy Horse
Neil Young has a million and one projects on the go, but as he's now revealed, one of those is actually a new studio album.

In a message to fans posted yesterday (June 3) on his Neil Young Archives, Young explained he's already working on his proper follow-up to 2019's Colorado.

"I have five songs ready for the next album, so I think over time the rest will come and we may start recording again soon," he wrote.

Beyond that, Young confirmed that Crazy Horse would again be backing him on the album just as they did on Colorado. So while things are in the very early stages for the as-yet-untitled album, Young definitely is plugging away on the thing.

In the same post, Young also wrote that he's still busy working on his Archives Volume III, as well as recently wrapped his first-ever sci-fi novel Canary.

"I've been busy choosing the content and finishing the running orders for Volume 3 of the archive and also handed in Canary, my first sci-fi book, after working with my editor Ed, No kidding. That's his name," he wrote. "All this was handed in on the same day after quite a lot of concentrated work over the last 4 years. So now, there's a slight void."

Of the sci-fi novel, Young opened up about Canary back in 2018 during an interview with Rolling Stone.

"He discovers the solar company he works for is a hoax," Young said of the book. "And they're not really using solar. They're using this shit — the guy who's doing this has come up with a way to make bad fuel, the bad energy, this really ugly terrible stuff, and he's figured out a way to genetically create these animals that give the energy to make the [fuel]. So he's created this new species. But the species escapes. So it's a fuckin' mess. It's a long story."

Chances are that Young worked on the book a bit while living back in Ontario.

Of course, he also also has a ton of archival project currently on the go, including his bootleg series.