Neil Young Pens Passionate Plea in Support of Standing Rock Protestors

Neil Young Pens Passionate Plea in Support of Standing Rock Protestors
No stranger to supporting environmental causes, Neil Young has penned a lengthy message to United States President Barack Obama, calling to support the protestors at Standing Rock.

Police monitoring the peaceful protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline used water cannons and rubber bullets in an effort to deter demonstrations last week, with 17 protesters requiring medical treatment for hypothermia among other health concerns.

"We are calling upon you, President Barack Obama, to step in and end the violence against the peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock immediately," Young wrote in a Facebook post today (November 28). "Your growing activism in support of freedom over repression, addressing climate change, swiftly replacing a destructive old industries with safe, regenerative energy, encouraging wholistic thinking in balance with the future of our planet; that activism will strengthen and shed continued light on us all. These worthy goals must be met for the all the world's children and theirs after them. This is our moment for truth."

Young also wrote about his experience in visiting the site earlier this month, where he performed for protestors on his 71st birthday. "It is an awakening. All here together, with their non-native relatives, standing strong in the face of outrageous, unnecessary and violent aggression," he wrote. "We will be going back to support the water protectors again."

Despite their recent history regarding music usage, Young warned of the impact president-elect Donald Trump could have on the situation once he takes power. 

"The surprise president elect was not the winner of the popular vote [and] does not have a mandate for the change of ideals envisioned. Keep in mind, close to over two million more people voted for another candidate," Young wrote. "Nor is the surprise president the leader of the free world. Two hundred of the world's nations believe in science, above the profits of the oil, gas and coal industries, and are committed to working together to protect the future from an unchecked climate crisis."

In conclusion, the rocker urged readers to be "Unintimidated, stand, speak up and show up. Be counted. Be like our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock. Be there if you can. The progress we have made over two hundred and forty years as a nation, has always come first from the people."

Young's new record Peace Trail is set to arrive on December 9 through Reprise. Read his entire statement regarding Standing Rock and view an accompanying video he shot in the player below.