Neil Young & Crazy Horse to Deliver Epic 'Psychedelic Pill' Album in October

Neil Young & Crazy Horse to Deliver Epic 'Psychedelic Pill' Album in October
Earlier this month, Neil Young & Crazy Horse revealed they would follow up their recent Americana LP with a second 2012 album, titled Psychedelic Pill. While the group haven't delivered all of the specifics for the set, a new post on Young's website confirms that the collection will arrive sometime in October.

It looks as if the group get their extended jam on, as Psychedelic Pill will be presented in two-CD and triple-LP packages "because of the lengths of many of the songs." A detailed tracklisting has yet to appear, but the statement explains that some of the material was premiered in concert earlier this year. No doubt, some of the songs will be powered out onstage during Neil Young & Crazy Horse's upcoming tour.

We can, however, confirm that a tune called "Psychedelic Pill" will be on the platter, as per some comments earlier this month from guitarist Frank "Poncho" Sampedro.

"That song began in the studio when Neil sat down at the piano and began playing chords," he told Rolling Stone. "Ralph [Molina] was on drums and he started this beat on the snare and wouldn't stop for nearly an hour. We stood up and played it and realized it was a great song. We just haven't performed it that great yet, but we're getting more comfortable every night."

Like Americana, videos will be made for each track on Psychedelic Pill, and all of the visuals will be put together in "high resolution 24/192 full fidelity version" on a Blu-ray release, while lower resolution versions of the vids will be sold through iTunes.