Navy The New Blue

While Navy have done their best to impress potential listeners, their singular connection to current Burlington, ON success story Boys Night Out (drummer Ben Arseneau), the fact the band play a totally different style of music may confuse those who step up to their full length debut with screamo-styled expectations. More aligned with post-emo bands such as Jets to Brazil and late-era Jawbreaker, at times vocalist Drew White sounds almost like a dead ringer for Choke’s Shawn Moncreif. While the music occasionally falls back into the late ’90s emo sound that its members once played all over Southern Ontario, for the most part, what The New Blue offers is simple pop rock with the obvious influences of a roomful of Jade Tree releases and Blake Swarzenbach pin-ups. The band’s catchy, well-arranged songs benefit greatly from the clarity of Julius Butty’s production work, which creates an expansive sound perfectly suited to tracks such as "Beneath Love Blues” and "Grape Juice Everywhere.” It’s not screamo, so old school Boys Night Out fans be warned; but just as one band outgrew their limited genre, so did this one explode into a new one. (TikTokTikTok)