​NAV Tells 'XXL' He Doesn't Want to Be on Its "Freshman List" Anyway

​NAV Tells 'XXL' He Doesn't Want to Be on Its 'Freshman List' Anyway
As if it wasn't clear enough from the opening bars of his latest single "Freshman List," NAV isn't too concerned with what XXL's annual rookie rap ranking thinks of him. Nevertheless, the Toronto rapper/producer clarified his feelings towards the publication last night (March 19) on Twitter.
After quoting his own lyrics — "I wouldn't show up for the Freshman List" — he hit caps lock and let 'er rip with: "FUCK XXL YOUR MAGAZINE IS TRASH… SORRY I MEAN WEBSITE" — complete with some garbage can and laughing tears emojis.
NAV didn't stop there, though. He went on to encourage other artists not to seek validation from magazines, suggesting instead that they create music "for yourself and your fans."
NAV then made things personal, posting a photo of XXL editor-in-chief Vanessa Satten and declaring: "I refuse to wine and dine you and play you my new music before my fans."
See his whole Twitter rant down below.

Satten and XXL haven't responded publicly via their social media channels — at least not yet.

As previously reported, NAV and 88GLAM will embark on the "Freshman Tour" next month.