Nautilus the Navigator Twelve/Record Making Manual

Obviously loving to get his fingers dusty, Nautilus the Navigator's twelve-inch release features two MCs on his rough and rugged tracks. "Twelve" features Arcee's rapid flow connecting the dots on where the number 12 fits into his personal experience and in hip-hop overall, with the coup de grace being the cool interpolation of Sesame Street's funky counting song. While this song boasts obvious immediate appeal, Nautilus rocks unorthodox on "Record Making Manual." With microphone fiend Fatski riding the rhythm, Nautilus fashions a dense, layered and restless track that unfolds favourably over a few listens. Fatski's precisely enunciated delivery changes up constantly, dropping and rising octaves while shadowboxing with the track. Favouring throwback boom-bap with a twist of left-field experimentation, Nautilus the Navigator piques interest for his future endeavours. (Innera)