The National Prep for New Music for Portal 2 Videogame

The National Prep for New Music for <i>Portal 2</i> Videogame
Judging by some of Matt Berninger's sad-sack lyrics, you would think that the National might spend most of their days buried under the covers. Judging by their busy schedule, however, it sounds as if the group are far too occupied to let the weight of the world pin them down.

Earlier today (March 15), we pointed to a new tune from the band that will appear in the upcoming Paul Giamatti flick Win Win. Further diversifying their portfolio, the National have announced that they will be contributing material to another soundtrack, this time for videogame Portal 2.

There is no word on what exactly the band will contribute to the action/puzzle game, which comes out April 18 via Valve, but it is expected to be an exclusive, original tune. The National were apparently chosen because their moodiness suits the vibe of the popular series.

"The National's raw and emotive music evokes the same visceral reactions from its listeners that Portal does from its players," Bug Music manager Julia Betley said of the partnership in a press statement. "It was exciting and a privilege to bring together two exceedingly talented creative teams to create something special for Portal 2."

Considering the National's exceptionally dour anthems, we're going to need at least a couple of boxes of tissue beside our gaming consoles.