The National Documented in New Film

The National Documented in New Film
Earlier this week, we learned that the National have an album and tour dates on the way, but fans can also expect a new documentary on the band to premiere this spring as well. The film is called Mistaken for Strangers, after a tune off of 2007's Boxer, and it will kick off New York's Tribeca Film Festival on April 17.

A press release explains that the film was shot by vocalist Matt Berninger's brother Tom while he was a roadie for the band during their High Violet tour. While the National specialize in dark yet anthemic indie rock, Tom is a "heavy metal and horror movie enthusiast," which apparently made for an interesting pairing.

The film is further described as "a hilarious and touching look at two very different brothers and an entertaining story of artistic aspiration." It should also be noted that this added another set of siblings to a National tour, behind guitarists Aaron and Bryce Dessner and bassist and drummer Scott and Bryan Devendorf.

"When my brother asked me along on tour as a roadie, I thought I might as well bring a camera to film the experience," Tom Berninger said in a statement. "What started as a pretty modest tour documentary has, over the last two and a half years, grown into something much more personal, and hopefully more entertaining. It's a huge thrill to be showing this movie at the Tribeca Film Festival."

Matt Berninger quipped, "I was happy to give my brother whatever access he needed. I just didn't expect this movie to include shower scenes."

While the documentary has been in the works for a while, at times going under the working titles Summer Lovin' Torture Party and For Those About to Weep, a trailer has not yet been made available. However, vocalist Berninger had previously teased that the film features " a lot of shows, a lot of traveling, a lot of airports, a lot of buses, a lot of hotels, a lot of hangovers and a lot of backstage goofing off."

The details on the National's next LP, meanwhile, have yet to drop, but they did announce they'll stop through Montreal and Toronto in June. You can see their full tour schedule here.

The Tribeca Film Festival runs from April 17 to April 28 in New York.