Natasha Live "Ishtar" (video)

Natasha Live 'Ishtar' (video)
Last month, Natasha Live creeped us out with the debut single "Ishtar," and now that track has received its own music video.

Unsurprisingly, the black and white clip is just as creepily sexual as the rap-tinged electronic track. We see a number of women sitting on a couch while being filmed before they begin to strip off their clothes.

Before we see anything too explicit, the video switches to some kalescopic shots of a lady writhing around with a snake. It then ends with closeups on various women's faces as they writhe around orgasmically, and another actress has her face splattered with dark liquid. There's no nudity, but much of this video is decidedly pornographic, so proceed with caution.

This track will reportedly appear on Natasha Live's forthcoming self-titled debut album.