Nas Under Scrutiny For His "Gangsta" Ways, Ottawa Concert in Doubt

Nas Under Scrutiny For His 'Gangsta' Ways, Ottawa Concert in Doubt
Looks like poor Nas just can't catch a break. Recently he was targeted by Fox News right-wing nut Bill O'Reilly, who has called him a "gangsta rapper" who "makes recordings that are as violent as they come" after it was announced the MC born Nasir Jones would play a gig on September at Virginia Tech, the school affected by last year's tragic shooting. On his "news" program, The O'Reilly Factor, the controversial talk show host not only called for the cancellation of Nas's appearance, but also the resignation of the school's president (or "villain" as O'Reilly calls him), Charles Steiger for allowing such a thing to happen and "insulting the murder victims" with this performance. Jeesh!

Well, it looks as if the insanity has crossed the border, because now the rapper's performance at a student-organised concert in Ottawa has been refused. is reporting that the Ottawa Congress Centre has chosen to pull the "Rock the Vote" concert on October 1 because they feel it would be a serious security risk. While the organisers from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa are still looking to hold the concert, designed to raise awareness for the October 10 election, they now face the difficulty of finding another venue.

According to Isaac Cockburn, vice-president of student issues for the Carleton University Students' Association, the Congress Centre told him the venue has a policy that does not allow hip-hop concerts. However, Cockburn was also told from another source the reason stemmed more from Nas's reputation for gun violence - most likely brewed by O'Reilly's ignorance.

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