Nas "World's an Addiction" (ft. Anthony Hamilton) (live on 'Conan')

Nas 'World's an Addiction' (ft. Anthony Hamilton) (live on 'Conan')
At least album title-wise, veteran rap artist Nas claimed Life Is Good on his recent LP, but the dude seemed a bit conflicted during his delivery of "World's an Addiction" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien last night (November 29). The full-band performance had the dude offer up the sparse, flip-flopping vocal run "Life…Joy…Pain…Loyalty…Betrayal," before introducing guest vocalist Anthony Hamilton, who delivered a deep and throaty hook.

The life-contemplating tune, which at one point has Nas reminiscently rhyming about his purpose from the back of a paddy wagon, resonated with lanky comic legend O'Brien, who whispered into the rapper's ear that he "killed that" before reiterating to the crowd how fantastic the performance was.

You can peep it all below.