Nas "The Season" (prod. by J Dilla)

Nas 'The Season' (prod. by J Dilla)
Hey, remember when all that existed of Nas' vintage J Dilla-sampling "Season" was a snippet videotaped at a Run the Jewels press conference? What a difference a day makes, as the track has now surfaced online in full.

As we'd learned already, the track has God's Son spitting atop Dilla's old Donuts beat, "Gobstopper." The brassy, sped-up soul sample has now been blessed with bars from Nasir, who goes on to salute the late Dilla's work while noting he's also got his eyes set on the future ("the past, like my ass, is behind me").

Elsewhere, the introspective rhymer talks about people's unrealistic expectations of hip-hop productivity ("can't a king lounge for a second?"), notes that he still sends shivers down the competition's spine out ("they fear the Gifted") and pretty well proves that Nas tracks are, and always have been, in season.