Nas I'm the Shit 180

Nas <i>I'm the Shit 180</i>
I'm the Shit 180, the DJ Love Killed Kurt-curated mixtape of classic Nas raps, finds some of God's Son's finest verses and guest spots reinterpreted over a host of chilled-out beats. And down below, you can grab yourself a download.

Here, the icy '80s synths of "If I Ruled the World" are replaced by smooth jazz six-strings that envelop Lauryn Hill's classic hook. Meanwhile, the re-envisioning of "America," off Nas's self-titled 2008 set, takes a logical step by full-on sampling David Bowie's gentle yet morose "This Is Not America," forgoing the hip-hop star's original homage. And a remix of Maxwell's "Help Somebody" has Nas waxing nostalgic about the lady Madonna over some seriously sexy horns.

Check out the rest of the smoothed-out mixtape here.