Nap Eyes Mainstage Tent, Sackville NB, July 31

Nap Eyes Mainstage Tent, Sackville NB, July 31
Photo: Stephen McGill
"Hello Sappy, we are Nappy," said Nap Eyes bassist Josh Salter, after a neat little introduction from Ben Caplan. Halifax's Nap Eyes brought their slack rock tunes about feeling lonely in a crowd and general life anxieties to the Mainstage on the final day of SappyFest.
Pay mind to the amiable frontman Nigel Chapman, who was playing what looked to be a small red sparkled toy guitar — ranging from looking painfully shy, head down, eyes shut or avoiding the audience, readjusting his glasses and tucking his blonde hair behind his ears, to incessantly but almost wordlessly thanking the crowd, giving thumbs ups and nodding his head. I'd argue he's the sweetest biochemist by day, musician by night you'll find, not to mention humble and gracious.
The band played cuts from their 2016 release, Thought Rock Fish Scale as well as 2014's Whine of the Mystic, and things got interesting when the bassist caught sight of a bottle of Fireball being passed around the crowd and guitarist Brad Loughead went in for a swig or two. "Canadian culture, built on the liquor industry," Salter quipped, who was clearly the band's comic relief.
Loughead is truly a wonder to watch, with his touristy Hawaii T-shirt complete with tropical fish, and a few shiny dolphin and fish stickers on his guitar to boot, keeping the band solid, adding little flourishes here and there, and sometimes seeming to be in a world of his own. His solo at the end of the set was a marvel, and the crowd let it be known how fond they were of it all.