Nap Eyes Main Stage, Field ON, July 16

Nap Eyes Main Stage, Field ON, July 16
Photo: Sarah Greene
Nap Eyes played their poetic chill out tunes to hula hoopers and the rising moon, not letting a car alarm (they worked with it), nor forgotten lyrics throw them off as they played songs off their second album, Thought Rock Fish Scale and pulled out a number of new ones.
Fronted by Nigel Chapman, who comes across as an endearing introvert on stage, Nap Eyes always seem to have a few different things going on; the rest of the band working out laidback but interesting grooves — and clearly having a blast — while Chapman searches further inward, as if the music is the business around and force that propels his thoughts.
The result is a curious tension — oft-downbeat lyrics delivered via a low voice amidst melodic buoyancy. It's music about feeling bad that basically makes you feel better; a safe, friendly light into the darkened psychological corners within us all.