Naledge & Double-O Are Kidz In The Hall School Was My Hustle

You’d be forgiven for approaching this record with scepticism. After all, it’s one of the first records to emerge on the newly revamped Rawkus roster a few years after the once mighty indie hip-hop label folded. However, this offering from MC Naledge and producer Double-O is a refreshingly accomplished debut. While Naledge’s assertion that he’s unique because he’s an MC that attended university is less than convincing and grates a little, essentially he’s a very good lyricist, one armed with rhymes and brimming with insight. His lyrical content outweighs his presence however, as his voice sometimes wavers between sounding like Big L or Jay-Z, although you’d be hard-pressed to hear Jigga yelling, "The revolution is here!” Producer Double-O is a low-key, steadying influence throughout and deftly complements Naledge with crisp beats and a deceptive depth. With only 12 tracks, the Kidz in the Hall don’t wear out their welcome, yet by the time it’s over the combination of Naledge’s everyman aspirations and Double-O’s soul-infused score will have conquered even the most stubbornly resistant. (Rawkus)