Naked & Shameless The Orange Peel Sessions

Goofy and kitschy, this play on the legendary John Peel sessions does reel one in, although the band admit to having never met the recording legend. A collection of tracks boasted of as being recorded live off the floor isn’t exactly a grandiose accomplishment for a power trio, especially seeing as most punk bands do this on a daily basis. Still, this tongue-in-cheek cow punk is as hilarious as it is bouncy and cunning. Covers of the Monks’ (Bad Habits Monks, that is) "Nice Legs (Shame About The Face)” and Misfits’ "Where Eagles Dare” are amusing takes packed with twang. Originals such as "Pumpin’ 4 The Man,” "Bill Monroe (Country Legend)” and "Two Sides (To Every Girl)” reach into almost G.G. Allin territory at times, with their attempts at gutter humour, but if this aspect is appreciated once then promptly overlooked the thumping progressions and upbeat delivery are quite enjoyable. (Atomic Mouse)