Nads A Smile for Capitalism

One of the most offensive and interesting acts currently making the rounds through Ottawa’s growing punk scene, Jason Ramone, aka the Nads, has yet another disc of ready-to-offend tracks with this recording of a live performance on Carleton’s CKCU-FM 93.1. Ramone’s schtick is his one-man show, aided by a small collection of cheap-sounding electronics that conjure images of Sid Vicious tripping through the music section of Toys"R”Us. His songs are about things like proportional representation and kids who stare at their shoes and sing emo songs, but whatever the subject matter, they still end up sounding like Atom and his Package tracks on speed — a fact that is brought into stark clarity on his cover of "Hats Off To Halford.” Occasionally un-listenable, but always in a way that somehow makes you want to keep listening, the Nads’ sound is not for everyone, but it certainly holds an important place in the world of difficult, challenging music. (Independent)